NEHA LIFE SCIENCE is a company Established in 1998 to cater the Best in Coating system and Pharma exipients under its brand called ULTRACOAT.

ULTRACOAT produces wide grades of coating system for the application of Film Coating, Enteric Coating and Sustain Release. It even has its value added specialty Product for application of Moisture barrier coating, Polishing Coating, Flavor Coating, Seal coating, Metallic coating, Pearl coating and others.


Neha life Science Pvt.Ltd. has a vision to become one of the leading Manufacturer of coating system by its quality of Product, Quick Services, innovation and day to day improvement by research work. We follow our vision at every Department of our organization. Because very shortly, we wish to be recognized as the best Coating System and pharmaceutical Excipients manufacturing company Globally.

Neha life Science Pvt.Ltd. Believes in Continuous developments and improvement for Customer Delight by way of giving Quality, Innovative and Outstanding products to the World. Continuous efforts are there for Research and Development (R&D) programs for betterment.

We want to :
  • Lead the world for innovation in all Pharmaceutical Excipients and Coating System.
  • Grow our Business purely through Trust, Quality, Excellence, Services & Transparency.
  • Improve our efficiency by every day and reach near to perfection in every aspect of business.


    ISO 9001:2008
    Neha life Science Pvt.Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified i.e. ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, certifies that we, at Neha life Science, fulfill the customer quality requirements; applicable regulatory requirements; enhance customer satisfaction; and achieve continual improvement for our performances in pursuit of these objectives.

    We have GMP compliance plant


    Neha life Science Manufactures Coating system which covers Pharmaceutical, Neutraceuticals Herbal and Ayurvedic Industries. Our Range Of products includes Readymix film Coating System, Acrylic pharma Polymers, Polishing System, Dispersible Coating system, and other Value Added speciality Products.


    Quick Contact

    Mr. Kaushal Valia (Tech.&Mktg.Exicutive)

    No. 15, Sayona Estate,
    Opposite Gallops Motors Show Room, SG Highway, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad, India.

    Mumbai Brnach:

    Mr.Bhavin Mehta(business Devlopment Executive)

    Mobiel: +91 98928 91132